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Family Background

His father was Krushnaji Kamble and mother's name Shantabai Kamble. Kamble family was from downtroden society. His caste is mahar (later on they converted as Buddhist by influence of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar). Mahar caste was the last layer of the Hindu society. They don't have right to live as a Human, those people live as a slave by God's law. In past days mahar families suffered from immence castisum. Basic feature of this society was untouchability which kept aside human from literacy, economical and social progress. Kamble family sufferred from all these stages because of castisum. They were poor, illiterate and passes their life shamefully from many generations. But Krushnaji got chance to educate. Krushnaji get hatred from his family at every movement, they persude his mind from education. But by all means he completed his education. Later on he worked as teacher and married to Shantabai Kamble. Shantabai born at Solapur district in Maharashtra. She was from the same background. In India women cann't take education in those days and mahar community was far away from education, they even cann't think to educate a girl. But Shantabai's family favours her act, her family supports at every step. After education she also join as a teacher.
Krishnaji had five children named- Pratap ,Vilas, Arun, Chandrakant and Mangal(Gauri Tirmare).

Early years

Arun Kamble born at Sangli-Atpadi-Kargani at 14th March 1953. He was a third child in all siblings. His all primary education completed in Atpadi which is district place of Sangli. School and college level education was completed in Sangli. Annabhau Timare founded a Boarding school at Sangli which specially working for poor and downtroden society. Arun Kamble spend his school days in that boarding school. Mr. Timare took many activities in his school. Arun Kamble's basic foundation built in boarding.
That period was influenced by independence and revolution. Revolutionationary Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was fought for the rights of backward communities. Krushnaji Kamble took part in this fight. Arun Kamble get this environment. He seen how his father played a role in social awareness. When Dr.Ambedkar came at Sangli, he always met Krushnaji. In December 6 ,1956 Dr. Ambedkar was passed away. This is a shocking movement to all country and even krushnaji too.